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Truly Grounded

Fitted Organic Grounding Sheets

Fitted Organic Grounding Sheets

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Introducing our luxurious Earthing Sheets — woven with 95% cotton, accentuated by conductive silver threads. Experience a seamless blend of comfort and connectivity that’s soft to the touch, completely washable, and dedicated to ensuring you remain linked with Earth's energy every time you rest.

🌌 The Bounty of Grounding Benefits
From the tranquil calm of deeper sleep and the serenity of reduced anxiety to a surge in energy and enhanced concentration, earthing is a treasure trove of well-being. As many have discovered, the list of rewards is diverse: better cardiovascular health, a dip in stress hormones, reduced inflammation, and an overall elevation in life’s quality.

👣 Embracing Earth’s Energy
There are many ways to ground oneself – a barefoot walk across dewy grass, retreating in nature’s embrace, or employing tools like earthing mats. But our grounding sheets? They’re an effortless integration into your daily routine.

 Awaken Refreshed
A fulfilling sleep isn’t just about duration; it's about depth and quality. Our sheets tap into Earth’s grounding energies, promoting restful slumber so you can rise rejuvenated, brimming with vitality and zest for the day ahead.

🔌 Safeguarded Connectivity
Our grounding sheets effortlessly plug into your mains socket, equipped with a UK plug. Rest easy knowing only the ground aspect is in play, ensuring utmost safety. Moreover, our products are tested by certified electricians, standing as a testament to its safety and quality. For those curious minds, feel free to verify with your multimeter!

🛡️ EMF Protection
From the moment it's plugged in, our sheet dons the role of a shield, guarding you against the invisible menace of EMF radiation.

Dive into the world of grounded rejuvenation and let Earth’s natural energies elevate your well-being. 🌟

Single: 76x190cm

Double: 138x190cm

King: 153x203cm

Superking: 180x200cm


95% soft, renewable A-grade Organic Cotton, 5% Pure Silver Grounding Thread. Crafted from a premium blend of 408 thread count.

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Single: 76x190cm

Double: 138x190cm

King: 153x203cm

Superking: 180x200cm

Care Instructions

Wash weekly in warm (not hot) water and liquid detergent by
machine or hand, with towels or linens, for optimal silver shine and
conductivity. Dry in low heat, or line dry.

Please do NOT use dryer sheets, bleach, fabric softener, whitening or oxi-detergents, or products containing oils such as lavender or coconut oil, which can
tarnish the sliver.

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The Benefits of Grounding whilst you sleep

If you're looking for a way to enjoy the benefits of earthing whilst you sleep, our earthing sheets are the perfect solution. Made from 95% cotton with conductive silver threads, these sheets allow you to get all the benefits of grounding without having to go outside or disconnect from your electronics. Simply lay down on the sheet and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're Truly Grounded.

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