What Happened to a ReactToRedSkin.co.uk?

What Happened to a ReactToRedSkin.co.uk?

Reacttoredskin.co.uk may no longer be an active website, but its legacy as a pressure ulcer prevention campaign remains etched in the memories of those who interacted with it. Established in the late 2010s, the campaign aimed to raise awareness about the importance of pressure ulcer prevention and provide education to both healthcare professionals and the general public. In this retrospective article, we take a trip down memory lane to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of Reacttoredskin.co.uk.

Reacttoredskin.co.uk: A Brief History

Reacttoredskin.co.uk was founded by a group of dedicated healthcare professionals with the goal of raising awareness about pressure ulcers, their prevention, and the importance of timely intervention. They set out to create an online platform that provided reliable information, practical tips, and resources to help those at risk of developing pressure ulcers and the healthcare providers responsible for their care.

Key Services and Initiatives

  1. Education and Awareness: Reacttoredskin.co.uk was committed to providing accurate and easy-to-understand information about pressure ulcers. This included explanations of the causes and risk factors, as well as the potential complications and consequences of untreated pressure ulcers.

  2. Prevention Tips and Techniques: The campaign provided practical advice on pressure ulcer prevention techniques, such as frequent repositioning, proper skin care, and the use of pressure-relieving devices like cushions and mattresses. This information was invaluable for caregivers and healthcare providers, as well as patients themselves.

  3. Training and Workshops: Reacttoredskin.co.uk organized training sessions and workshops for healthcare professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in pressure ulcer prevention and management. This hands-on approach to learning ensured that participants were better equipped to handle real-world situations involving pressure ulcers.

  4. Collaborative Approach: The campaign actively collaborated with other organizations and healthcare institutions, sharing knowledge and resources to enhance the overall impact of their efforts. By working together, they were able to create a united front against pressure ulcers, ensuring that more people benefited from their expertise.

  5. Community Involvement: Reacttoredskin.co.uk encouraged community involvement in their campaign, enlisting the help of volunteers and organizing events to spread the word about pressure ulcer prevention. They understood the power of grassroots efforts in creating lasting change.


Although Reacttoredskin.co.uk is no longer active, the impact of their pressure ulcer prevention campaign is still felt today. They managed to raise awareness and improve the lives of many patients and healthcare providers through their tireless dedication to education and prevention. While the website may no longer be operational, the lessons and resources they provided continue to be relevant and valuable for those committed to reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers.

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