Can You Sleep on a Grounding Mat

Can You Sleep on a Grounding Mat? Healing or Just a Hype?

As countless people have begun turning to earthing products as a way to handle everything from stress to inflammation, the question of “can you sleep on a grounding mat?” has grown more common in recent years. Some proponents of earthing devices also believe the health benefits of these products extend to addressing issues with insomnia and poor sleep.

In the past, special grounding sheets were available specifically for beds. These products came in the form of both fitted sheet designs and standard sheets intended for use like regular bedding. However, some people found using an earthing sheet wasn’t as effective, as washing it could potentially reduce its grounding properties. Since then, new fitted sheets have been updated to make them more resilient.

Grounding mats, though generally intended for floor-based use, can sometimes be suitable for sleeping purposes too. The key is making sure you know how to use these products safely and correctly.

Can You Sleep on an Earthing Mat?

Earthing mats are products designed to replicate the holistic health benefits of grounding. This practice involves making direct skin contact with the earth outdoors. Although the term “earthing” has only recently begun to gain attention, many communities have practised this process for centuries.

Fans of the grounding process say that walking barefoot on the earth’s surface can help with various health issues. According to the Earthing Institute, the earth’s energy is made up of countless free electrons producing negative energy. Those who practise earthing state that this negative charge helps counteract the positive one of the human body.

Such energy in humans is built up through exposure to pollution, mobile devices, and stress and can cause every from inflammation to insomnia. Since everyone won’t necessarily be able to walk outside on the earth daily, a grounding mat or earthing sleep mat could offer an alternative. Though most grounding mats serve for meditation, yoga and similar practices, sleep mats are suitable for bedtime use.

These kinds of products, either in a half sheet size or full size, lay on the top of your bedding to give you direct skin contact with a conductive material. This allows your body to absorb energy similarly to being outside in the natural world.

Are There Benefits to Sleeping On Grounding Products?

Earthing is still a concept without a lot of scientific research attached to it. Though there are a lot of anecdotal references to the negatively charged electrons of the earth benefiting human health, only a handful of studies exist. One preliminary study from the Journal of Inflammation suggests sleeping or standing on a grounding mat can reduce inflammation and pain.

Other reports have suggested people who practice earthing can benefit from better physical functioning, less fatigue, and reduced feelings of depression. There are also studies from the Earthing Institute to indicate earthing products can help to promote better meditation. Since meditation can improve sleep and mood, this could mean that earthing indirectly helps with sleep.

One of the most compelling pieces of research comes from the Journal of Alternative medicine, which found grounding the body to the earth during sleep reduces the stress hormone “cortisol”. However, medical professionals agree more research is necessary to understand if grounding improves our well-being during sleep.

How Do You Sleep Grounded?

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If you’re going to start using sleep mats for grounding, it’s essential to follow the instructions included with the product. While most products work like a regular sheet or mattress protector, you must plug them into a grounded outlet next to your bed to feel the positive effects.

Most experts also advise ensuring your bare skin is touching your grounded mat to create the electrical connection needed for any health benefits. This means you can’t place your mat underneath your normal bedding to get the same results.

Notably, grounding sleep mats can influence different people in unique ways. Some manufacturers recommend using a grounding product for a short period initially (up to 40 minutes) before gradually increasing your exposure. You may need to experiment with how you feel when you ground your body before committing to earthing in bed.

It’s also worth noting that sleep mats offer different comfort levels. Some people find the conductive sheet uncomfortable when they first start laying on it. You may even feel warm when using your sleep mat for the first time.

Remember to read the manual given with your earthing product before you begin using it. Though some are fine to use anywhere, others may not be suitable for use with things like electric or heated blankets, which could negatively affect the ground charge.

Can You Get Electrocuted From a Grounding Mat?

Because your sleep mat plugs into your electrical socket, you might be worried you’ll end up getting a shock during the night. Generally, most products are considered safe to use, as no “positive” current is running through the mat. However, if your device isn’t connected correctly, this could cause a fire or electrocution risk.

Some experts also believe that grounding mats might be more dangerous if you’re located in a city or town with many wires around your property. Electrical sources in your home or underground might make your sleep mat more dangerous.

Have Better Sleep With a Grounding Mat

So, can you sleep on a grounding mat? A straight answer is yes. Some people who ground themselves with an earthing mat say they immediately feel the benefits of better sleep and reduced pain. Others feel earthing mats perceive a sense of relaxation and calm which helps them to fall asleep faster. However, even if your skin is in direct contact with the grounding sleeping mat, you may not immediately experience the results.

Most manufacturers of earthing sleep mats or earthing sheets advise people to be patient when using these products. These products’ benefits are still somewhat mysterious and can uniquely influence different users. If you ground your body at night for a while and don’t feel anything, you may need to test your outlet to ensure it’s working correctly.

If you choose the right earthing product and use your sleep mat correctly, it should be safe to sleep on one of these devices. However, an immediate positive response isn’t guaranteed.

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