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Best Earthing Sheets of 2024

Earthing products have many uses. They ground you to the earth’s energy which could help regulate proper bodily functions like sleep and stress. They are also designed to shield you from harmful EMFs produced by electronics.

Using an earthing sheet on your bed is a fantastic way to stay grounded. The ideal time to utilise these kinds of products is while you are sleeping because they facilitate extended periods of exposure, and the majority of your body’s healing process happens overnight. This article will help you find the best earthing sheets in the UK to start reaping their benefits as soon as possible.

Top 10 Best Earthing Sheets

  1. Truly Grounded Earthing Sheets
  2. Sleep Earthed (Editor’s Choice)
  3. AARDING Set (Luxury Choice)
  4. JZMOON Conductive (Best Value)\
  5. Groundology Fitted (Best Fitted)
  6. Rowland Earthing (Best for Sleep Quality)
  7. Ground Smart Super King (Best Large)
  8. Get Grounded (Best Narrow)
  9. EARTHLIFE King (Best for Softness)
  10. NGLVKE with 15ft Cord (Best Easy to Wash)

How We Compared Earthing Sheets

To find the right earthing sheets, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Silver Content
  • Comfort
  • Materials
  • Size and Fit
  • Ease of Cleaning

After selecting comparison key points, our editorial team specifically looked for products suitable for every need. The following list originates from hours of research on all grounding products available on the market and a thorough consultation of customer reviews.

Earthing Sheet Reviews

Truly Grounded Grounding Sheets

We won't deny it; we're pretty proud of our product. And while we might be a tad biased, we've got some solid reasons why we believe we're offering the best grounding sheets in the UK.

🛠️ Safety First
Every sheet we produce undergoes rigorous testing by a certified electrician, ensuring that you truly stay grounded. Plus, with the addition of an inbuilt 100k Ohm resistor, even in the face of an unexpected electrical mishap at home, your safety is guaranteed.

🍃 Comfort Meets Quality
Imagine wrapping yourself in a blend of organic cotton caressed with conductive silver threads. That's luxury and longevity right there! Unlike others you might find, our sheets promise both durability and a touch of opulence.

Transformative Benefits Await
Experience the multifaceted wonders of grounding — from reduced inflammation to enhanced sleep quality and overall well-being. Trust in our product to guide you on this transformative journey.

Ready to elevate your grounding game? Dive into our collection of grounding sheets here. And here's a treat: Use code SUMMER10 at checkout for a 10% discount. Because we believe in making the best accessible to you. 🌟

Sleep Earthed (Editor’s Choice)

Made in the UK, these grounding sheets boast top-quality construction and the ability to help you harness the earth’s energy. They contain conductive material on the whole surface, not just the top, to establish a high level of conductivity.

The Sleep Earthed sheet consists of certified organic cotton and silver conductive threads. You can find it in standard or deep mattress options. No matter your size, it will be soft to the touch and come with an earth connection cord.

For placement purposes, this product has a robust elastic perimeter. The fitted sheet style helps it stay secure while you are sleeping. This option comes in sizes ranging from single to emperor and can easily be machine washed and tumble dried.

There is relatively little consumer feedback on this product so far. The fitted style of this earthing sheet also makes it slightly less versatile, but the pros far outweigh the cons.


  • Certified organic cotton is soft to the touch
  • Standard or deep mattress options
  • Extensive size selection
  • Washing machine and tumble dryer approved
  • Proudly made in the UK


  • This sheet could be slightly less versatile
  • There may not be much consumer feedback on this product so far

AARDING Set (Luxury Choice)

This product could be the perfect pick if you sleep in a bed with your partner. It has two ports and two earth connection cords, making it ideal for couples.

The AARDING Set comes in four sizes and has a fitted design. It accommodates mattresses up to 35 cm in height, possibly more. It also has a wide elastic border that establishes secure placement and resists shifting while you sleep.

This earthing sheet is soft, durable, and highly conductive. It is made from 95% natural organic cotton and 5% antibacterial silver thread. As a bonus, two grounding pillowcases come included with purchase. You even get to pick from two different sizes.

You may want to use additional bedding over top of this option. In addition, tumble drying might not be recommended.


  • It comes with two earth connection cords
  • Natural organic cotton for a soft feel
  • Two grounding pillowcases included
  • Various sizing options
  • Wide elastic border for a secure fit


  • You may not want to tumble dry this option when cleaning
  • It might be better to use your normal bedding on top

JZMOON Conductive (Best Value)

This product is designed to help reduce fatigue resulting from exposure to electronics that produce EMF discharge. It is highly versatile and packs a lot of value into one device.

The JZMOON earthing sheet is made from 95% renewable A-grade organic cotton and 5% pure silver grounding thread. The premium materials create a soft fabric with a 400 thread count. Thanks to a flat fabric design, you can use this product as a whole or half sheet. However, it still comes in five various size options.

These flat sheets are easy to use and come with straightforward care instructions. They can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat.

You may want to use other standard sheets in conjunction with this option. However, it might not stay in place as well as other top choices. It could also take longer to start feeling the effects of this grounding bedding.


  • Made with A-grade organic cotton and pure silver thread
  • Five different size options
  • Soft with a 400 thread count
  • Machine wash and tumble dryer approved
  • Designed to help reduce fatigue caused by electronics


  • It could take longer to start feeling the effects
  • You may still need to use standard bedding
  • It might not stay in place easily

    Groundology Fitted (Best Fitted)

    Thanks to a fitted design, these grounding bed sheets stay in place without hassle. It also comes in nine different sizes, so you can ensure you get a customised fit for your bed.

    The Groundology Fitted Sheet is made with 100% organic cotton and silver fibres. Depending on the size, each sheet has between 1/3 and 2/3 miles of silver for an enhanced effect.

    A long 4.6-metre cord makes connecting this product simple and quick. Maintenance on this earthing sheet is also easy, considering it can be machine washed and tumble dried on low.

    You might want to avoid contact with this earthing sheet for an hour after applying lotion. The off-white colour may not suit all styles, but it still makes a great pick if you want a fitted model.


    • Nine different sizes for the perfect fit
    • Easy to use
    • Machine wash and tumble dry on low
    • Long 4.6-metre connection cord
    • 1/3 to 2/3 mile of silver per sheet


    • You might want to avoid contact for an hour after applying lotion
    • Its colour may not appeal to your preferences

    Rowland Earthing (Best for Sleep Quality)

    We strongly recommend this bed sheet if you want the best night’s sleep. We also love that it is sustainable, and the company plants one tree for each sale made.

    The Rowland earthing sheet has a versatile, easy-to-use design that fits any sized bed. You can use it vertically or horizontally across your bed. You may even be able to use two in larger beds, one per person.

    This earthing sheet provides you with the maximum grounding effect and better coverage thanks to the fibres woven in a grid pattern. It is made from 95% ethically sourced cotton and 5% pure silver thread lining.

    These grounding sheets can be machine washed, tumble dried, and ironed on low. When cared for properly, they can last three or more years.

    You may want to purchase two for use with larger beds, and this pick might not stay in place due to the flat sheet design.


    • One-size-fits-all design
    • Sustainable and environmentally-friendly option
    • Can be machine washed and dried on low
    • Pure silver thread for a maximum grounding effect
    • Easy to use


    • It might not stay in place easily
    • One may not be sufficient for more expansive beds

    Ground Smart Super King (Best Large)

    This earthing sheet is expansive enough to fit a standard King size bed. It has a high concentration of silver thread for enhanced grounding and the ability to maintain zero volts in the body.

    These grounding sheets are made from 9% silver thread and 91% organic cotton. They have a high 700 thread count and a tight percale weave that is soft and durable.

    The Ground Smart Super King is a fitted sheet. It is also available in a Double size, and both options can be machine washed and tumble dried on low.

    It might take some time to start feeling the effects of these grounding sheets. Additionally, the threads could be overly sensitive to ironing.


    • High 9% silver fibre content
    • The fitted sheet style stays in place with ease
    • King and Double size bed options
    • Durable percale weave
    • 700 thread count


    • Results may not come as quickly as hoped
    • You may want to avoid ironing

    Get Grounded (Best Narrow)

    This product is one of the best earthing sheets in the UK, with a slim configuration. It boasts superior quality and a versatile design.

    The tight percale weave of these half sheets is made using 95% organic cotton and 5% silver threading. They have a 400 thread count that establishes cooler sleep and enhanced durability.

    The Get Grounded earthing sheet is easy to use for a couple of reasons. First, there is only one size for Double, Queen and, King-sized beds. Second, it is machine washable and can be tumble dried or ironed on low as needed.

    This product may not stay in place as well as a fitted sheet, and the included cord could have a shorter lifespan. Lastly, you may want to purchase a second half sheet if you sleep with a partner.


    • Highly durable tight percale weave
    • Sleeps cool for an optimal rest
    • Versatile style can be used on various bed sizes
    • Superior quality material for a soft feel
    • Easy to use and clean


    • A single sheet may not be enough for two occupants
    • It might not be as secure as other options
    • The connection cord could be less durable

    EARTHLIFE King (Best for Softness)

    This earthing sheet is soft and comfortable due to being made from premium materials. Thanks to its flat sheet configuration, it is also versatile and easy to use.

    The EARTHLIFE King grounding sheet is constructed from 95% renewable organic A-grade cotton and 5% silver thread. The resulting material is cream with a grid-like silver thread pattern and has a soft 400 thread count.

    You can easily machine wash and tumble dry these grounding sheets on low heat. In addition to the King size, six other sizes are available for optimal and customised coverage.

    Be aware that it could take longer to feel the effects of this earthing sheet, and the cream colour might start to look a bit dingy over time.


    • Made from premium materials
    • 95% renewable A-grade cotton;
    • Soft and durable
    • Seven different size options for optimal coverage
    • 400 thread count


    • The shade could discolour with use
    • You may not notice its effects quickly

    NGLVKE with 15ft Cord (Best Easy to Wash)

    If you prefer an option that is simple to maintain and care for, this could be the earthing sheet for you. You can machine wash it with warm water, and it remains comfortable to use over time.

    This bed sheet contains 5% silver grounding thread paired with 95% soft renewable cotton fabric for more than suitable conductivity. The silver fibres are woven in a grid pattern for better coverage and a smooth feel.

    The NGLVKE earthing sheet comes with a long five-metre cord. While it is not restricted due to its flat sheet style, it is still available in four sizes to suit your preference.

    You may need to resituate this product frequently as it does not feature an elastic trim. The hemming may also prove to be less resilient.


    • Four size options
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Easy to use
    • Grid pattern for better coverage
    • Machine wash for easy maintenance


    • You may need to reposition it frequently
    • The hems could be less durable

    Buyer’s Guide: Earthing Sheets Explained

    That’s all for our earthing sheets reviews. Now it’s time to explore the answers to some common questions and provide a guideline for selecting the best possible option.

    What Are Earthing Sheets?

    Earthing products transfer electrons from the earth to your body through direct skin contact and a connection to an earthing plug. This type of adapter connects to a cable and the grounding socket in a power outlet. It leaves the other two prongs vacant, and as a result, the product in question is grounded to the earth but not to electricity making it perfectly safe to use.

    This grounding effect may protect you from mains power, small appliances and higher EMFs emitted by 5G and WiFi.

    While many different earthing products exist, it is believed that an earthing mat or sheet is one of the best ways to maintain zero voltage in the body. This is because they provide you with hours of earthing while you rest. Considering this is when your body naturally regenerates and does the most healing, a grounding bed sheet or earthing mat could be the ideal option.

    What to Look For in an Earthing Sheet

    Prioritising the following traits should help you select a quality earthing sheet. Consider these characteristics when you make your final pick, and you are sure to choose correctly.

    Silver Content

    The conductive properties of earthing products are established by silver. With grounding sheets, silver threading is used. Options with a higher concentration of silver thread should provide you with better, faster effects. Most quality designs include 5% silver or more.


    An earthing sheet should be comfortable and soft. Otherwise, it may disrupt your sleep. Almost all of the products on our list are cosy and pleasant, thanks to their organic cotton fabric. However, you can always use a non-conductive sheet of your choice over the top for a better night’s sleep.


    The components used to make an earthing sheet are a good indication of quality. Select a product with a proper earthing cord and adapter. A percale weave can also prolong the usable lifespan of a particular option.

    Size and Fit

    Earthing mats for your bed are either fitted or flat sheets. A flat-style product gives you advanced versatility because it can be used on any size bed. However, a fitted sheet often gives you better coverage and an enhanced grounding effect. Both options are available in varying sizes, so you will be allowed some level of customisation with whichever configuration you prefer.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Washing strips body sweat and other natural skin oils off the silver fibres in your earthing sheet, which is necessary to retain the conductive properties. Therefore, cleaning your earthing products should be straightforward and hassle-free.

    Always follow the washing and care instructions on a particular product, but for the most part, a quality grounding blanket can be machine washed. Make sure to use a liquid laundry detergent and tumble dry on low or line dry. Also, avoid using a dryer sheet, fabric softeners, and higher temperatures of water. Also, don’t dry clean, bleach, or use whitening detergents as they could reduce conductivity.

    Benefits of Earthing Sheets

    Direct contact with most earthing products for multiple hours may provide you with several health-related benefits, including:

    • Better quality sleep
    • More energy
    • Lower stress and tension levels
    • Normalised biological rhythms
    • Improved circulation
    • Decreased inflammation
    • Accelerated healing and recovery
    • Enhanced immune functioning
    • Regulate hormones
    • Reduce electrosensitivity
    • Anti-ageing

    The Best Earthing Sheets for You

    Our top selection for the best earthing sheets comes from Sleep Earthed. They use certified organic cotton and silver conductive threads across the entire surface for better coverage. We love that this product is available in various sizes with standard or deep mattress options. These fitted sheets are approved for machine washing and tumble drying, making them easy to clean. Our Editor’s Choice allows you to test a quality product and start your earthing experience on the right foot.

    Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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