Undercover Wellness: Does a Grounding Mat Go Under the Sheets

Undercover Wellness: Does a Grounding Mat Go Under the Sheets

When considering the practice of grounding, also known as earthing, you may have come across the concept of grounding mats.

These mats are designed to connect your body to the earth's energy when direct contact with the ground isn't possible, such as when you're indoors.

The idea is that connecting to the earth in this way can confer various health benefits, from improved sleep to reduced inflammation.

One common question that arises is whether a grounding mat can be used effectively underneath your bed sheets.

Is a Grounding Mat Still Effective If Placed Under the Sheets?

When considering a grounding mat, you might wonder if its efficacy is hindered when placed beneath your sheets.

An important factor is direct skin contact, which ensures a continuous connection to the earth, allowing your body to receive negative electric charge from electrons on the earth's surface.

Conductivity is key. Grounding mats are designed to be conductive, and thus, for the full benefits such as improved sleepreduction of stress, and inflammation, it's recommended that they make direct contact with your skin.

This direct contact encourages the transfer of the earth's beneficial charge to your body, contributing to better mood, blood flow and potentially aiding the immune system.

However, the presence of sheets isn't a strict barrier.

If your sheets are thin and made of conductive materials - like cotton, your grounding mat might still positively impact you.

In summary, while you might still reap some advantages with the mat under your sheets, placing the mat on top allows for a stronger connection and maximises the benefits associated with grounding.

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