Best Earthing Mats uk

Best Grounding / Earthing Mats of 2024

While grounding products come in various shapes and configurations, pads are often the most versatile, making it easier to reap the potential benefits of this practice. This article explores top picks for the best grounding mat in the UK. Keep reading to discover the ideal model for your specific needs.

Top 10 Best Earthing Mats

  1. Truly Grounded Grounding Mat
  2. Groundology Elite Sleep (Solid mention)
  3. Get Grounded Multipurpose (Best Value)
  4. Groundology Yoga and Fitness (Best for Exercising)
  5. ATE Health Kit (Best Small)
  6. AARDING Therapist (Best for Therapists)
  7. NGLVKE Mouse Pad (Best for Home Office)
  8. NGLVKE Bed (Best Large)
  9. Get Grounded Bed (Best for Sleeping)
  10. Earth and Moon (Best Medium)

How We Compared Grounding Mats

To find the right grounding mats, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Size
  • Versatility
  • Quality
  • Ease of Cleaning

After selecting comparison key points, our editorial team specifically looked for options suitable for every need. The following list originates from hours of research on all grounding products available on the market and a thorough consultation of customer reviews.

Earthing Mat Reviews

Truly Grounded Grounding Mat

Hey, we'll be honest: this is our creation, and we're brimming with pride about it! It's okay to raise an eyebrow, but let us share why we're convinced we've crafted the UK's premier grounding mat.

🔌 Unmatched Safety Assured
Our mats aren't just any mats; they've earned the seal of approval from certified electricians. This means you're not only Truly Grounded but also enveloped in safety. And with our 100k Ohm resistor, rest easy knowing that even if Lady Luck turns her face, you're shielded from electrical surprises.

🎨 Elegance Meets Endurance
Indulge in the plush embrace of the finest PU leather paired with premium foam. Our mats stand a cut above the rest, promising you both longevity and a rich, luxurious feel.

Feel the Grounding Magic
Revel in the profound benefits of grounding — whether it's about quelling inflammation, enhancing your sleep cycle, or boosting your overall zest for life. Our mat is your trusty companion on this wellness voyage.

Ready for the grounding transformation? Explore our exquisite collection of grounding mats here.

Groundology Elite Sleep (Editor’s Choice)

This outstanding option has a durable design and is styled for use while you sleep. It fits under a colour-coordinated bed sheet.

The Groundology Elite Sleep is carbon-based, so it is hypoallergenic and won’t oxidise over time. The mat is constructed with a cloth base and a smooth leatherette top.

Wide elastic straps help keep this selection firmly in place while you sleep. For cleaning, wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap, if needed.

Regretfully, this product may not be ideal if you wear pyjamas, and you may want to purchase two if you sleep with a partner.


  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Smooth leatherette top
  • Wide elastic straps for a secure fit
  • A fantastic option for use while sleeping
  • Hypoallergenic and long-lasting carbon-based design


  • It might not be the best choice if you sleep in bedclothes
  • You may need more than one in larger beds

    Get Grounded Multipurpose (Best Value)

    This small, highly portable grounding mat makes an amazing choice if you desire a versatile product.

    The Get Grounded Multipurpose earthing mat is designed for use in front of your keyboard as a mouse pad or on the floor whilst sitting on a chair or couch. It can be machine washed and put in the dryer on low, but line drying is preferred.

    This grounding device is made from 100% ethically-sourced materials. It consists of silver thread and a special blend of soft materials, making it skin-friendly.

    There may not be much consumer feedback on this product yet, and its smaller size could give you less coverage.


    • Highly versatile
    • Machine washable
    • 100% ethically-sourced materials
    • Soft and skin-friendly feel
    • Easily portable


    • Consumer feedback might be lacking
    • It could provide less coverage

    Groundology Yoga and Fitness (Best for Exercising)

    This grounding device is designed for use while you work out or meditate. It is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

    The Groundology Yoga and Fitness earthing mat feature an anti-slip PU leather surface infused with conductive carbon. This configuration gives you long-lasting conductivity.

    The base of this product is made with TPE closed cell foam which provides a cushion layer. To keep it clean, you can wipe it down with soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth.

    This pick may not be as multi-functional as other options and may not be ideal for less active people.


    • Made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials
    • Excellent for meditation and yoga
    • Carbon infusion for long-lasting conductivity
    • Foam base for added cushion
    • Anti-slip PU leather surface


    • It may not be ideal if you don’t exercise
    • The design could be less versatile

    ATE Health Kit (Best Small)

    This option features a highly adaptable design and is easily portable.

    You can use the ATE Health Kit grounding mat at the foot of your bed, under your laptop, or in front of a chair. Conveniently, it has a long earth connection cord.

    With a PU leather top and a TPE foam base, this mat is eco-friendly and non-toxic. In addition, it comes with a grounding wristband.

    Be aware that it may have a relatively restricted size, and it could arrive with an odour.


    • Highly versatile design
    • Comes with a grounding wristband
    • Easily portable
    • Non-toxic and eco-friendly materials
    • Long grounding cord


    • It may provide you with restricted coverage
    • This product might arrive with an odour

    AARDING Therapist (Best for Therapists)

    This option could be the best grounding mat for massages and other treatments. It can also be perfect as a thin yoga or meditation pad.

    The AARDING Therapist is a highly conductive mat that is soft to the touch. You can place a cover over it for additional comfort, but it easily shapes to the surface either way.

    You can trim these mats to get the perfect fit for your treatment table. They are made from 100% recyclable and eco-friendly PU material. A damp cloth and mild soap are all you need for care.

    It may be less secure due to a lack of elastic bands and might be too thin for your yoga practice.


    • Ideal for massage and other treatments
    • It can be trimmed for the perfect fit
    • Highly conductive material
    • Easy to clean
    • Soft feel


    • It may be less secure
    • This selection might be too thin for yoga

    NGLVKE Mouse Pad (Best for Home Office)

    This selection is portable, easy to use, and conveniently facilitates an earth connection while you use your computer or laptop.

    The NGLVKE Mouse Pad has a flexible feel, making the mouse click more natural. It is also constructed from high-density PU that is eco-friendly.

    Unlike other options, this earthing mat is odourless. It is water-resistant and has an anti-slip bottom for stability and protection on your desk.

    You should know that it may take longer to feel the effects of this product, and it could provide you with less coverage than other options.


    • Water-resistant material
    • Anti-slip bottom
    • Ideal for use with your computer
    • Easy to use
    • Eco-friendly and odourless


    • This option could provide you with less coverage
    • It may take longer to feel the effects

    NGLVKE Bed (Best Large)

    If you are looking for a product with an expansive size, this makes a fantastic choice.

    The NGLVKE Bed earthing mat is perforated for enhanced breathability. It is made from 100% conductive carbon leatherette that is comfortable and durable.

    This mat is available in two size options to achieve half or full-bed coverage. Its thick elastic straps go around your mattress and help keep it in place while you sleep.

    This option needs to be hand-washed, which some people could find less convenient. Additionally, it might arrive with an odour.


    • Perforated for enhanced breathability
    • Two sizes for optimal coverage
    • Wide elastic straps for a secure fit
    • Ideal for use while sleeping
    • 100% conductive carbon leatherette


    • Cleaning could be less convenient
    • It might need to be aired out upon arrival

    Get Grounded Bed (Best for Sleeping)

    This model fits a double-size bed perfectly. It is easy to use and allows your body to absorb free electrons through your skin while sleeping.

    The Get Grounded Bed earthing mat is designed for use under a regular sheet. It is carbon-based with a smooth surface for added comfort and durability.

    It is also perforated to promote ample airflow. This grounding mat has elastic straps that fit your mattress, and you can wipe it clean as needed.

    Potential cons for this product include wanting to use two with a King size bed and a lack of consumer feedback so far.


    • Perforated for ample airflow
    • Elastic straps for a secure fit
    • Long-lasting design
    • Easy to wipe clean
    • Sized for a double bed


    • There may not be much consumer feedback so far
    • It may be too small for a King size bed

    Earth and Moon (Best Medium)

    This travel-friendly option is made from high-quality materials.

    Earth and Moon grounding mats are constructed from eco-conscious synthetic polyurethane and soft leatherette to create a highly durable and conductive device. The composition is breathable and easy to clean.

    The convenient size of these earthing mats makes them quite versatile. You can use them while sitting, standing, on your desk, or lying down. It has an anti-tangle cord to make all these positions possible.

    Regretfully, this pick may not be ideal for sleeping because it could have trouble staying in place. Also, it might be thinner than other options.


    • Travel-friendly size
    • Anti-tangle cord
    • Versatile design
    • High-quality materials
    • Soft, breathable surface


    • It might not be very secure when used on a bed
    • This product could be relatively slimmer than other models

    Buyer’s Guide: Earthing/Grounding Mats Explained

    What to Look For in Grounding Mats

    Earthing mat reviews can only help you so much if you don’t know which traits to prioritise. The following section will teach everything you need to know.


    You should always consider the size of the mat. More oversized earthing products provide you with better coverage and, potentially, higher conductivity. Regardless, many people find that smaller options also perform well. More petite models are also easily portable, so you can take them to work, or anywhere else you like.


    Some earthing mats are designed specifically for sleeping, while others can be used in various places like your desk or under your feet. Added versatility can be a big advantage for some users. However, a mat on your bed ensures your body undergoes multiple hours of direct contact with minimal effort. You also do the most healing while you rest, making it more effective.


    Top-quality grounding mats should last for several years. Look for models that use dense materials to ensure you get a long-lasting one.

    Pro tip: Options containing silver perform well, but carbon-based products are typically more durable because they won’t oxidise over time.

    Ease of Cleaning

    Earthing products should be easy to clean. Your skin’s oil will naturally transfer to a mat while in use. Over time, this leads to diminished conductivity if you do not take the steps needed to keep it clean. Most models can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or mild soap.

    Are Earthing Mats Effective?

    Connecting yourself to the earth’s energy and absorbing its free electrons is called grounding or earthing. Grounding products help facilitate such connection through a cord plugged into a rod or earthing adapter. It is designed to mimic the natural transfer of energy that occurs when your skin touches the earth’s surface.

    Many believe earthing products are an important health discovery, and some evidence supports this claim. However, most research thus far is circumstantial, so there is no concrete answer as to whether or not these devices work. If you start to become sceptical, remember that it could take a week or even a few weeks to start experiencing results.

    What Should You Choose: Grounding Mat or Earthing Sheet?

    Earthing sheets and mats are very similar. They both serve the same purpose, but a sheet is slightly less versatile. You can use a mat anywhere, anytime, whereas sheets are intended for your bed.

    A mat may be better if you prefer to continue using your favourite bedding. An earthing sheet could be more effective if you wear pyjamas because it eliminates an extra layer of material between your skin and the product.

    The Right Earthing Mat for You

    Our top pick for the best grounding mat in the UK is the Groundology Elite Sleep because of its superb and long-lasting carbon-based design. It is naturally hypoallergenic, has a smooth leatherette top, wide elastic straps for a secure fit, and is easy to clean with a damp cloth. Attach this product to your mattress and allow your body to tap into the earth’s energy when it can be readily absorbed.

    Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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